Bobby the Butcher’s Christmas Disaster

“Mother,” said Bobby the Butcher, who was very busy getting any last minute Christmas Eve orders ready for the delivery drivers. “Have you seen Aunt Jessica?”

“No I haven’t,” said Mother. “The last I saw her was when that man came into the shop.”

“What man?” asked Bobby.

“Aunt Jessica’s friend,” said Mother.

“Desmond?” asked Bobby, a look of panic on his face.

“Yes,” said Mother. “That was him. He is a bit odd. Isn’t he?”

“He is a warlock,” said Bobby, coldly.

“Oh dear,” said Mother. “He’s the one that got Jessica into witchcraft. He is the reason Jessica got kicked out of the will.”

“That is right,” said Bobby. “Stay away from him. I don’t trust him.”

Just before Bobby was ready to close up the butcher shop for the Christmas holidays, Aunt Jessica and Desmond showed up.

“Merry Christmas,” said Aunt Jessica giving Bobby a kiss on his cheek.

“You are in a good mood,” said Bobby, noticing something was a little strange. “What is going on?”

“Well,” said Desmond. “Tell him honey.”

“Tell me what,” said Bobby. “What is going on and why are you calling my aunt, honey? I thought I told you last time I saw you to stay away from her.”

“Kind of hard to do when she is my wife,” said Desmond.

“You two are married!” shouted Bobby, angrily.

“Yes,” said Aunt Jessica, showing Bobby her ring. “We got married this morning.”

Bobby couldn’t believe what Jessica and Desmond were telling him. He was very angry and very disappointed.

“I see,” said Bobby, through clenched teeth.

“You are clearly angry with,” said Jessica. “I was hoping I would get your blessing.”

“My blessing!” screamed Bobby, angrily. “Are you kidding?”

“I want you to know that I am in love with Desmond,” said Aunt Jessica. “I want you to give him a job.”

“Why on earth would I do that?” asked Bobby.

Aunt Jessica leaned over the counter and grabbed the butcher’s knife that has been handed down from generation to generation. It was a very special knife that glowed when it was in the right hands.

“If you don’t give him a job,” said Aunt Jessica. “I will put a spell on this butcher’s knife. If I do, this butcher’s knife will never glow again.”

“You know what,” said Bobby. “Go ahead. If you do, you will no longer work here and I will never speak to you again. You have a choice to make. You choose your family or you choose Desmond. You can’t have both. I will not be threatened by you and your warlock.”

“Come on Desmond,” said Aunt Jessica, opening the front door of the butcher shop. “I no longer have a family.”

“You’d better think about this,” said Bobby. “Once you walk out that door, don’t bother coming back.”

“I thought I could count on you,” said Aunt Jessica in tears, taking Desmond by the hand and leaving.

“I thought the same,” said Bobby.

“Merry Christmas,” said Desmond, grinning from ear to ear as he walked out the door with Jessica.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is sad when someone betrays us.
  • Example: Aunt Jessica betrayed Bobby the Butcher by marrying Desmond.

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