Mr. Egghead Ruins an Experiment

“Let’s get right to work,” said Professor Edelamn, walking into the laboratory.

“What is going on?” asked Mr. Egghead, jumping up onto the table.

“I am going to be working on a new EXPERI­MENT,” announced Professor Edelamn.

“Oh,” said Mr. Egghead, having a bad feeling in the pit of his egg yolk.

“The university is holding a yard SALE at the end of the month,” said Professor Edelamn. “I am going to reproduce you and sell you. I will be able to make a lot of money for the university.”

Professor Edelamn picked Mr. Egghead up in his hands and carried him to a cooler. He switched off the LIGHT and locked the door. Mr. Egghead was shivering. He pressed his face up against the glass on the cooler. He saw Professor Edelamn talking to Professor Lindley.

Professor Lindley just happened to look over at the cooler. She noticed Mr. Egghead. She immediately opened the door to the cooler.

“Mr. Egghead!” cried Professor Lindley, wrapping him in her nice warm SWEATER. “You must be frozen. What are you doing in the cooler?”

“You have just ruined my experiment!” shouted Professor Edelamn.

Professor Lindley carefully pulled an icicle out of Mr. Eggheads EYE.

“What experiment are you talking about?” asked Professor Lindley.

Professor Edelamn explained his idea to Professor Lindley.

“You can do all the experimenting you want,” said Professor Lindley. “But, thanks to your one successful experiment, Mr. Egghead is now a live being. You can’t leave him in a cooler like you just did.”

Professor Edelamn knew Professor Lindley was right. He was so focused on wanting to make money for the university that he didn’t consider Mr. Egghead’s feelings at all.

“I am very sorry,” said Professor Edelamn.

“It is okay,” said Mr. Egghead. “Just don’t let it happen again.”

“I have a better idea,” said Professor Edelamn, seeing a slice of bacon on his breakfast sandwich. “I think I will try to make this piece of bacon come alive.”

“Why don’t you just eat your breakfast sandwich instead?” asked Professor Lindley laughing.

“Yes maybe that is a better idea,” said Professor Edelamn, hearing his stomach growl.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always treat fellow human beings with respect.
  • Example: Professor Edelamn did not think of Mr. Egghead’s feelings when he put him in the cooler.

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