Arrow and a Ginger Cookie

Arrow and his sister, Cutie, were playing in the kitchen. Mommy had the screen door open because she was shaking out the mats. Arrow spotted a GINGER cookie on the counter. He grabbed it and ran outside with it.
“What did you FIND?” asked Cutie.
“I’m not telling you,” said Arrow.
Cutie chased him out into the backyard. Arrow saw a TREE at the end of the yard. He climbed it. Cutie saw a BIRD fly by. She asked the bird for help.
“My brother has something and I want to find out what it is,” said Cutie. “Can you help me please?”
“Okay,” said the bird. “I can help.”
The bird flew up into the tree and sat close to Arrow on a branch. She noticed that Arrow appeared to be stuck.
“Are you okay?” asked the bird. “You look like you are stuck.”
“My FUR is stuck to the branch,” said Arrow.
“I can help you,” said the bird.
“I would like that,” said Arrow.

The bird pecked at Arrow’s fur until he was loose.
“Thank you,” said Arrow.
“What are you doing up here?” asked the bird.
“I am trying to hide a ginger cookie from my sister,” said Arrow.
The bird flew down to the ground and told Cutie what Arrow was hiding.
“A ginger cookie,” laughed Cutie. “Wait until he tastes it. Cats don’t like ginger.”
Arrow bit into the cookie and Cutie and the bird laughed at him. He made a funny face.
“Ewww!” exclaimed Arrow. “I don’t like the taste of this cookie.”
“That is because cats don’t like ginger,” said Cutie, still laughing.
Arrow left the cookie and climbed down to the ground.
“You can have the cookie up there,” said Arrow to the bird.
“Thank you,” said the bird. “I love ginger.”


Moral of this Story:

  • You shouldn’t bite into something without knowing what it is.
  • Example: Arrow bit into a ginger cookie but didn’t know what it was.

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