Stuck Indoors

It was a beautiful autumn weekend. The sun was shining brightly on the gorgeous autumn leaves.

“What a beautiful sight!” exclaimed Mr. Egghead as he looked longingly out the window of the laboratory he was in. “I would give anything to be outdoors.”

Mr. Egghead is the result of an experiment that had gone right. Professor Edelamn was doing an experiment on a hard-boiled egg and he turned Mr. Egghead into a walking, talking hard boiled egg.

Professor Edelamn is very protective of his experiment. During the week, Mr. Egghead  is able to get outdoors a bit by doing different chores but on weekends, Mr. Egghead is locked up in the lab.

“It is safe here for you,” said Professor Edelamn, every Friday night when he locks the lab doors. “I can’t take a chance that someone would steal you. You are far too valuable to me.”

Most of the time, Mr. Egghead is okay with being locked up but there are the odd times that he would love to outside.

“I know what I will do,” said Mr. Egghead. “I will bring this autumn day into the lab.”

Mr. Egghead took the blanket and spread it out onto the floor, just where the sun was beating down on the blanket through the window. He then went over to the lunchroom and grabbed some snacks. He set them down onto the blanket. Then, he went over to the radio that was on Professor Edelamn’s desk and turned it on.

Mr. Egghead enjoyed his autumn weekend indoors. He sang and danced and had a lot of fun.

“If you can’t get outdoors to enjoy autumn,” said Mr. Egghead. “You can always bring autumn to you.”


Moral of this Story:

  • If you are stuck indoors, there are always things you can do bring the outdoors inside.
  • Example: Mr. Egghead was stuck indoors on a beautiful autumn weekend. He decided he would bring autumn indoors by having autumn indoors.

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