A Good Day to Forget

Dollie the Doctor walked to her office in Oliver, BC on a cold and icy autumn day. She had a busy day ahead of her and she could see her first patient, Mr. Rubberman, already waiting for her.

“It would have been a good day to just stay in bed,” said Dollie the Doctor as she took the office keys out of her pocket.

“Yes,” agreed Mn. Rubberman. “It sure is a nasty autumn day.”

Dollie the Doctor slipped on a patch of ice as she opened the door to her office.

“Oh dear,” said Mr. Rubberman, seeing that Dollie the Doctor was hurt. “This is not good. We can’t have the doctor out of commission. If only she could have stayed in bed this morning, like she wanted to.”

Mr. Rubberman thought about the situation. He knew what he could do. He has the ability to erase anything in Storyland that is bad or evil so, that is exactly what he did.

Mr. Rubberman erased the events of Dollie the Doctor’s morning. He made it so that Dollie the Doctor stayed in bed that whole day so she didn’t have to venture out in that bad weather.

As for Mr. Rubberman, he only needed a flu shot so, he could always go back to see Dollie the Doctor another day.

Dollie the Doctor had no memory of the events that happened that morning. She was grateful to have the rare opportunity to spend the morning in bed. She felt well-rested when she went to the office later that day and was ready to face all her patients.


Moral of this Story:

  • There are days when it is best to just stay in bed.
  • Example: Dollie the Doctor had a feeling she should have just stayed in bed on this nasty autumn day.

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