Opposite of Strong Wind is Gentle Breeze

“That autumn wind is very strong today,” said Missy Opposite.

“It certainly is,” said Mother.

“It almost blew the hat right off my head,” said Missy Opposite, holding onto her hat with both hands. “That sure is a strong wind.”

Missy Opposite and her mother were taking a walk down by Lake Ontario. Sometimes a strong wind will pick up from the lake and blow things around.

“Do you know what the opposite of a strong wind would be?” asked Mother.

“Yes,” said Missy Opposite. “The opposite of strong wind is gentle breeze. We seem to get lots of strong winds near the lake in autumn.”

“You are right,” said Mother, as another strong wind came up and almost blew her hat off. “I think we should go home before that wind gets our hats.”

“Good idea,” said Missy Opposite.

Missy Opposite and Mother went home. Mother made Missy Opposite a cup of hot chocolate.

“At least we are out of the strong wind,” said Missy Opposite.

“Yes,” said Mother. “We made it home safe and sound and we still have our hats.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Strong winds can blow the hat right off your head.
  • Example: Missy Opposite and Mother both almost lost their hats to a strong wind.

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