Fawn Goes to Brownies

Fawn was sitting in the barn, one cold damp autumn day, reading the newspaper. He saw an ad in the paper that kind of jumped out at him.

“Spot,” said Fawn. “Put your hat on. We are going somewhere.”

”Where are we going?” asked Spot.

“Just never mind,” said Fawn. “You’ll see soon enough.”

Fawn and Spot walked down the road and into the public school parking lot. Fawn continued walking right into the school. Spot followed him.

“Okay Fawn,” said Spot, once they were inside. ”What is going on? What are we doing at the school?”

”Just a minute,” said Fawn. ”I think I hear them!”

Fawn rushed down the hallway and went into the gymnasium. There, sitting on the floor in a circle were eight little girls, all dressed in brown uniforms. Fawn went right up to them and sat right down with them.

”Fawn,” whispered Spot in his ear. ”What are we doing here?”

”Go sit down,” said Fawn. ”Welcome to Brownies.”

”Brownies!” exclaimed Spot. ”Fawn, what are we doing here?”

”We’re going to join Brownies,” said Fawn.

”You are!” exclaimed a little girl sitting beside Fawn. ”This is going to be fun!”

”Yes,” said Spot, angrily. ”It should be!”

”My name is Katy,” said the little girl.

”I’m Spot,” said Spot. ”And this is Fawn.”

”Hey everyone,” shouted Katy. ”Fawn and Spot are here!”

”Who?” asked one of the little girls.

”You know, Sarh,” said Katy. ”Fawn and Spot.”

”You know who they are,” said Emily, another little girl. ”They are the two cows that Judy, our Brownie leader, gave us stories about!”

”Oh yes, Emily,” said Sarh. ”Now I know who they are!”

”Yes,” said Cianalyn, another little girl. ”Fawn loves french-fries.”

”That’s right, Cianalyn,” said Tavialea, another little girl. ”And Spot likes pop.”

”No Tavialea,” said Jasmine, another little girl. ”You have the french-fries right, but Fawn is the one that likes pop.”

”Yes Jasmine,” said Danielle, another little girl. “You’re right. Spot likes hay.”

”Yes, Danielle,” said Rebecca, the last little girl. ”Spot does like hay and Fawn doesn’t like any kind of pop. He only likes orange pop.”

”You’re right, Rebecca,” said Judy, the Brownie leader, who just walked into the gym. “Fawn only likes orange pop.”

“Look who wants to be a Brownie,” said Katy to Judy. ”It is Fawn and Spot!”

”Well,” said Judy. ”Welcome to Brownies! Now girls, since we know all about Fawn and Spot, let’s tell Fawn and Spot a little about ourselves. Katy, you can go first.”

”Okay,” said Katy. ”My name is Katy. I am 7 years old and I like to play with Barbies.”

”Great,” said Fawn. ”You and Spot would get along just great! Me, I’m not into Barbies!”

”Fawn!” scolded Spot. ”Don’t be so mean.”

”That’s okay,” said Katy.

”Okay, Emily,” said Judy. ”It’s your turn.”

”My name is Emily,” said Emily. “I am 8 years old.”

”I bet you like Barbies too!” exclaimed Fawn.

”No,” said Emily. ”I like soccer.”

”That’s better,” said Fawn.

”Okay, Sarh,” said Judy. ”Your turn.”

”My name is Sarh,” said Sarh. ”l’m 7 years old. I don’t like to play with Barbies. I’d rather ride my bike.”

Fawn gave Sarh a high five when she walked by him.

”Cianalyn,” said Judy. ”How about you?”

”Hi,” said Cianalyn. ”I’m 8. I don’t play with Barbies. I’d rather play outside.”

”Me too,” said Fawn. ”Actually, both Spot and I like to play outside.”

”I bet Mr. and Mrs. Hansen are glad about that,” said Judy.

”Tavialea, you’re next.”

”My name is Tavialea,” said Tavialea. ”I’m 6 years old and I like to watch television.”

”We don’t have a television in the barn,” said Fawn. ”But sometimes I go into Mr. Hansen’s office and play on his computer.”

”With or without his permission?” asked Judy.

“With,” said Fawn.

”Fawn!” scolded Spot.

”Okay,” said Fawn. ”Without.”

”Jasmine,” said Judy. ”You’re next.”

”I’m Jasmine,” said Jasmine. ”I’m 7 years old and I like to play with my brother.”

”I think Jenny could take a few pointers from you,” said Fawn. ”Ricky and Jenny always argue and call each other names.”

“Okay Danielle,” said Judy. ”Go ahead.”

”My name is Danielle,” said Danielle. ”I’m only 5 years old. I like to watch television.”

”What about Barbies?” asked Fawn.

Danielle shook her head “No!”.

”Good girl,” said Fawn.

”Okay Rebecca,” said Judy. ”Last but not least.”

”I’m Rebecca,” said Rebecca. “I’m 8 years old and I like to read books and watch television. I don’t play with Barbies.”

”I never used to read,” said Fawn. ”Now, ever since I started to use the computer, I read alot.”

Fawn and Spot enjoyed Brownies very much and they had a lot of fun with their newly found friends.

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