Little Crow

Out in the wide open fields in the prairies, live a lot of pretty mean and nasty crows. These crows are big and black and they are pretty scary looking. There is one crow that isn’t mean and nasty. He is also very little in size compared to the rest of the crows. His name is Little Crow.

One autumn afternoon, Little Crow was sitting on a fence post at the far edge of a field. He was just minding his own business and looking around him. There was not much happening and to him, that was okay.

Little Crow was enjoying the peace and quiet. It was nice and it was relaxing to him. All that changed though, when he saw his cousins flying above him.

“Little Crow,” called his oldest cousin, Jake. “Grandma is ill. She wants your help.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Little Crow.

“I am not joking,” said Jake. “We just came from where she is.”

Little Crow didn’t trust his cousin, Jake, because Jake had pulled too many tricks on him in the past. However, he also knew his grandmother was getting old and if she did need his help and he didn’t go, he would feel bad if anything happened to her.

“Okay,” said Little Crow, taking a flying leap off the fence post. “I am going to go help Grandma.”

Jake and the rest of the cousins flew closely behind him.

“What a nice surprise!” exclaimed Grandma, when she saw Little Crow and the cousins flying in her direction.

Little Crow landed on a tree branch close to where Grandma was sitting. He took a good look at Grandma. She didn’t look ill at all.

“You have tricked me again,” said Little Crow to Jake. “Grandma is fine.”

“Oh Jake!” scolded Grandma. “Don’t tell me that you have been teasing Little Crow again. That is not very nice of you.”

“We were hungry,” said Jake. “So we wanted Little Crow to see if you have any food for us.”

“Why couldn’t you ask Grandma yourself?” asked Little Crow.

“She always seems to give you more food than she gives to us,” said Jake.

“Well,” said Grandma. “Jake, you and your cousins have got to learn to stop teasing Little Crow. Little Crow, I will feed you today but not your cousins. Maybe that will teach them a lesson.”

Grandma handed Little Crow a few slices of bread. Little Crow ate them all. Jake and his cousins just sat and glared at him.

“This isn’t fair,” said Jake. “We are so hungry.”

“Do you see that it isn’t fair to Little Crow to be teasing him?” asked Grandma.

“Yes,” admitted Jake. “I do see that.”

Grandma gave Jake and the other cousins some crackers that she had and they gobbled them all up. From that day on, Jake did not tease Little Crow any longer. Little Crow was very thankful to his grandmother for helping him.

“Thank you,” said Little Crow, wrapping his wings around Grandma in a hug. “I love you.”

“I will always protect you,” said Grandma.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be protective of family.
  • Example: Little Crow’s grandmother was very protective of him because he was always getting teased by Jake, his cousin.

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