Acorn Family’s Mother’s Day Dinner

Papa Acorn knew it was Mother’s Day. He wanted to do something nice for Mama Acorn because she always took good care of him and Baby Acorn.

“I think I will cook dinner tonight,” said Papa. “Mama would really enjoy that.”

Papa thought he would cook a roasted chicken and make a fresh leaf salad. He put the chicken in the oven and then he stepped out onto the branch of the tree they lived in and looked for some fresh leaves for the salad.

While Papa was picking the leaves for the salad, he didn’t realize that Baby Acorn had followed him out to the branch. He didn’t see that Baby had lost his footing and had fallen off the tree.

Luckily for Baby, he landed on a soft pile of leaves that were on the ground from the previous autumn. Baby wasn’t hurt so he was able to stand up. Once Baby was standing up, he looked up at Papa and shouted up to him. However, Papa was so busy cooking dinner that he wasn’t paying attention to him.

“How am I going to get myself back up into the tree?” Baby Acorn asked himself.

Luckily for Baby Acorn, Racum Raccoon just happened to walk by. Racum saw Baby Acorn standing in the pile of leaves. He picked Baby Acorn up and he carried him up the tree.

“Oh my!” cried Mama Acorn, when she saw Racum with Baby. “What happened here?”

“I fell out of the tree, ” explained Baby. “Racum was very nice and picked me up and brought me back.”

“I didn’t realize Baby had even fallen off the tree branch,” said Papa. “I was so busy preparing a surprise for Mama for Mother’s Day. I am so sorry.”

“So,” said Mama. ” What is the surprise?”

“I made a special Mother’s Day dinner for you,” said Papa.

“Racum,” said Mama. “Why don’t you stay for dinner?”

“I smell roasted chicken,” said Racum. “And, it smells good. I could never turn down a chicken dinner.”

The Acorn family were very thankful to Racum for bringing Baby back to them. Mama was very thankful to Papa for cooking her a beautiful Mother’s Day dinner. Except for Baby falling off the branch, it was a very nice Mother’s Day for Mama Acorn.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always do something nice for your mother for Mother’s Day.
  • Example: Papa Acorn cooked a very nice dinner for Mama on Mother’s Day.
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