Arrow and the Turkey Sandwich

Arrow was HUNGRY. He had his lunch about an hour ago but his tummy was grumbling. Arrow seemed to always have a grumbling tummy.

Arrow looked around the living room and he saw Mommy was busy drawing a SKETCH. He knew that he had better not bother Mommy while she was busy. He didn’t want to get into trouble from Mommy. He loved Mommy very much.

Looking up on the counter, Arrow saw a TURKEY sandwich. It looked so good and he wanted it. He jumped up onto the counter and was getting ready to GRAB it when he saw Mommy standing right behind him.

Arrow knew he was in trouble this TIME. He sat down looking up at Mommy with his big sad looking yellow eyes. He knew Mommy wouldn’t stay angry with him for long. Mommy gave a small piece of the turkey sandwich to him. He loved it.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never leave a turkey sandwich out where Arrow can get it.
  • Example: Arrow was hungry and tried to get Mommy’s turkey sandwich off the counter.
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