Apartment 4 – 2019 Resolution for Gertie

“Welcome to the New Year’s Building,” said Hop Out, when Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede sat down on a chair in the office he shared with his twin brother, Hop In.

“Thank you,” said Gertie.

“I trust your flight to Kelowna was good,” said Hop In.

“It was wonderful,” said Gertie. “I have never flown before and I have never been to Kelowna either. Kelowna is so much different than Calgary.”

“Yes,” said Hop Out. “Kelowna is very different than Calgary. Kelowna is part of Canada’s only desert area.”

“That explains a lot,” said Gertie.

“Indeed it does,” said Hop Out. “So, as you know, we are here to help you hop out of 2018 and hop in to 2019 smoothly. Is there anything from 2018 that is preventing you from hopping out of 2018 smoothly?”

“I am a bit upset with a number of people who attended the Calgary Stampede this past summer,” said Gertie. “They didn’t seem like they were having as much fun as I was.”

“I see,” said Hop Out. “I don’t want to offend you but you do have a reputation of being quite the party-goer during the Stampede. Some people don’t want or need to party during the Stampede or other events for that matter.”

“Are you saying I am in the wrong because I like to party and have fun during the Stampede?” asked Gertie. “The Stampede is the only time of the year when I let my hair down and thoroughly enjoy myself.”

“That type of lifestyle may work for you,” said Hop Out. “But, it is not for everyone.”

“I guess that is true,” said Gertie.

“I understand that people in Alberta have a lot on their minds this year,” said Hop Out. “People have lost their jobs and are losing their homes because of the problems with the pipeline not going through.”

“I don’t want to point fingers,” said Gertie. “It is your province that put a stop to the pipeline.”

“Okay,” said Hop In. “This isn’t the time or place to discuss political issues. Let’s focus on you and hopping into 2019 smoothly. From what I have heard here, it seems that you are a bit too judgmental of others. Perhaps your resolution for 2019 would be to stop being so judgmental and to learn to accept people the way they are.”

“You see,” said Gertie. “You are probably right. However, I don’t have any friends. I live and breathe for the Stampede every year.”

“I think you need a hobby,” said Hop In. “You could write a book and use your Stampede experience for the subject matter.”

“You know,” said Gertie. “That is a wonderful idea!”

“You could conduct interviews with some of the rodeo stars,” said Hop In.

“Yes,” said Gertie. “That would get me out and I would be able to meet people.”

“Absolutely,” said Hop In. “In time, I think you would find that you would gain trust in people and not be so judgmental.”

“I agree,” said Gertie.

“I think you are ready to hop out of 2018 smoothly,” said Hop Out.

“And, I think you are ready to hop in to 2019 smoothly,” said Hop In.

“Thank you,” said Gertie. “Happy New Year!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to be so judgmental.
  • Example: Gertie was so judgmental of people who visited the Calgary Stampede that past summer.

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