A Creepy New Year

“Oh look!” exclaimed Hop Out, seeing Creepy Creature approach the New Years Building. “Creepy Creature is joining us for New Years. “

Creepy Creature ran up to Hop Out and grabbed onto his leg. Then he screamed at the top of his lungs.

“That isn’t very nice,” said Hop Out.

“I’m not letting go until I get some candy,” said Creepy Creature.

“You can’t just grab someone’s leg, scream and then expect to get candy,” said Hop Out. “If that is what you have been doing, I am afraid you aren’t ready to hop out of 2019 yet.”

“How can I get candy?” asked Creepy Creature.

“You have to ask Hop Out nicely,” said Hop In. “You have to use your manners.”

“Can I please have some candy?” asked Creepy Creature, politely.

“See,” said Hop Out, giving Creepy Creature a piece of candy. “Isn’t that much better? I think you are ready to hop out of 2019.”

“What will you do when you want more candy?” asked Hop In.

“I will ask for it nicely,” said Creepy Creature.

“That is good,” said Hop In. “I think you are ready to hop in to 2020.”

“Oh goodie!” screamed Creepy Creature. “Can I please have more candy?”

Hop In gave him a piece of candy and Creepy Creature was delighted.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always best to be polite when asking for something.
  • Example: Creepy Creature found out that he could get some candy if he asked for it nicely.

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