Sammy Spider and Angry Cat

The autumn nights were getting very cold. Sammy Spider was starting to worry because he hadn’t found a place to live for the winter and he could feel it in his bones that winter wasn’t too far away.

“I’ve got to find a place to live soon,” said Sammy Spider to himself as he walked along the streets of Storyland. “It is getting way too cold at night. I really don’t want to freeze.”

Sammy saw a small house beside a river. It looked like a good place for him to live. He searched around the outside of the house for a crack in the foundation or in the wood siding. It didn’t take him very long to find one and pretty soon, Sammy found himself in the middle of the kitchen floor.

The house was nice and warm. Sammy could picture himself spending the winter in this house. He walked around the kitchen and it wasn’t long before he found himself staring right into the eyes of a very angry cat. Sammy froze.

“Harriet!” screamed the cat. “I see a spider on the kitchen floor. Please come and get rid of it for me.”

Sammy turned around and he saw a second cat laying down on a carpet beside the kitchen table.

“Set it yourself,” said Harriet. “I am tired, Angry Cat.”

“Please get it,” said Angry Cat.

“No,” said Harriet. “I don’t feel like it”

Sammy Spider quickly backed away from the two arguing cats. He got out of that house as quickly as he could. The two cats were still arguing.

“The cats I probably could have lived with,” said Sammy spider, once he was away from the house. “However, the arguing between the two was too much for me to handle.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Arguing can be too much to handle.
  • Example: Sammy Spider couldn’t handle the arguing between Angry Cat and his sister, Harriet.


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