Angry Cat Has A Merry Christmas

“Do you think you are going to get anything for Christmas?” asked Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet.

“Of course I will,” said Angry Cat. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Have you done anything good this year?” asked Harriet.

“Yes,” said Angry Cat. “I have.”

“Like what?” asked Harriet.

“Well,” said Angry Cat. “I did…”

“Come on,” said Harriet. “What have you done?”

“Give me a minute,” yelled Angry Cat.

“You can’t even think of one single thing,” said Harriet.

“I can too,” said Angry Cat, angrily. “You are just pressuring me.”

“Just so you know,” said Harriet. “I read an article about how Santa is cutting back this year. He is cracking down on anyone who hasn’t done anything good this year.”

“I suppose you read that on Facebook,” said Angry Cat.

“I did,” said Harriet.

“Then it probably isn’t true,” said Angry Cat.

“Maybe,” said Harriet. “But do you want to take that chance and find out Santa didn’t leave you anything?”

“No,” said Angry Cat. “I suppose you have a point. Would you like me to make you some lunch?”

“Yes,” said Harriet. “That would really be nice.”

Angry Cat did a lot of good deeds and he did get what he wanted for Christmas. Not only that though, he actually felt good about himself.

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Angry Cat, happily, on Christmas morning, giving Harriet a kiss.

“Merry Christmas to you as well,” said Harriet.

Moral of this Story:

  • Always do good deeds.
  • Example: Angry Cat did not do any good deeds this whole year.
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