Gum Drop Family’s Christmas

“Let’s decorate our Christmas tree,” said Mommy Gum Drop.

“Why?” asked Uncle Sour Gum Drop. “Why would we want to do that?”

“Uncle Sour,” said Baby Gum Drop. “Don’t be so grumpy. It is fun decorating the Christmas tree. Look at all the colourful decorations.”

“But,” said Uncle Sour. “It is just so much work. I don’t get why we need to go to all that bother.”

“It is so colourful,” said Baby, watching Mommy string the lights.

Baby went over to the box of decorations and pulled out a rocking horse decoration.

“Isn’t that the decoration I bought you last Christmas?” asked Uncle Sour.

“It is,” said Mommy, looking over her shoulder at what Baby had in his hand.

“You still have it,” said Uncle Sour. “I am amazed.”

“It is Baby’s favorite,” said Mommy. “In fact, it is the first decoration that goes on the tree.”

Uncle Sour was truly moved. He reached over to touch the rocking horse decoration.

“Okay,” said Mommy, finishing with the lights. “It is time for the rocking horse decoration to go on the tree.”

Baby handed the rocking horse to Uncle Sour.

“You put it on the tree,” said Baby.

“That was very kind of you,” said Uncle Sour, picking Baby up in his arms. “Why don’t we both do it?”

Uncle Sour and Baby hung the rocking horse decoration. They both stood back to admire it. Uncle Sour smiled the biggest genuine smile ever.

“Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Uncle Sour.

“Merry Christmas,” said Baby.

Moral of this Story:

    • Don’t be sour during Christmas.
    • Example: Uncle Sour was being sour until he saw the rocking horse decoration that he gave to Baby Gum Drop the year before.
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