Ugly Sally’s Monster Christmas

Ugly Sally woke up Christmas morning. She was the first one up. She went to her adoptive parents bedroom to wake them up.

“It’s Christmas!” Ugly Sally exclaimed. “Come on, wake up.”

“Go put the coffee on,” said Father. “We’ll be down in a minute.”

“Should we tell her?” asked Father, after Ugly Sally went downstairs. “Shouldn’t she know that her Uncle Joe might be in danger?”

“Uncle Joe said he will call us once the police have finished their investigation,” said Mother. “Let’s wait for him to call.”

“Okay,” said Father. “But, if that man turns out to be a Tamarack monster, Ugly Sally and Uncle Joe will both be in danger.”

“Uncle Joe said they are doing a blood test to make sure,” said Mother. “Let’s not ruin Ugly Sally’s Christmas until we hear something concrete.”

“Okay,” said Father. “We are probably worrying for nothing. Uncle Joe did say that the whole Tamarack clan had been wiped out completely by a deadly disease.”

“Yes,” said Mother. “He did say that. Now, we have a Christmas to celebrate.”

Father and Mother went downstairs. Ugly Sally had the coffee pot on and was standing in the living room, admiring the Christmas tree.

“It sure is beautiful,” said Ugly Sally, when Father and Mother joined her.

“Not as beautiful as you,” said Father, wrapping his arm around Ugly Sally’s shoulder.

“Now Father,” said Ugly Sally, blushing. “Thank you!”

Ugly Sally and her adoptive parents opened their gifts. Ugly Sally got a new hair brush, a hair dryer and some make-up.

“Thank you,” said Ugly Sally, running the brush through her thick blonde hair and getting it stuck in all the knots that were in it.

Mother took her into the kitchen. She had to cut Ugly Sally’s hair to get the brush free. While Mother was doing that, Father got a phone call from Uncle Joe.

“The police got the results from that man’s blood test,” explained Uncle Joe. “He is 100% human. There is no monster blood in him at all.”

“So the man lied to you,” said Father, relieved.

“Yes,” said Uncle Joe. “He is not a Tamarack monster.”

“Good to hear,” said Father.” Now, what about the man? How come he was pretending to be from the Tamarack clan?”

“The police said the Tamarack’s were believed to have a fortune in diamonds,” said Uncle Joe. “The man obviously was after the diamonds.”

“That makes sense,” said Father.

“It does,” said Uncle Joe. “However, what he doesn’t know is that it is the Pinecrest clan that have the fortune.”

“So, you have the fortune,” said Father.

“Yes,” said Uncle Joe. “I have it. That is why the Tamarack clan wiped out the Pinecrest monsters. They wanted our fortune.”

“Well,” said Father. “Now, I can see why the Pinecrest clan were wiped out.”

“Yes,” said Uncle Joe. “That is correct. Only the funny thing is, the Tamarack clan are now the ones wiped out. They had no idea Ugly Sally and I are still alive and they never did get their hands on our fortune.”

“So, how did you come across this man in the first place?” asked Father.

“I was sitting in a restaurant last night, eating dinner, when this man came in and sat at the table behind me,” explained Uncle Joe. “He was talking to the waiter about how he was a Tamarack monster and how he was looking for their fortune. Right behind him, there was an undercover police officer. Because I know all about the Tamarack monster clan, I went to the police station and gave them a statement about how the Tamarack monsters were wiped out and they should do a blood test on this man to make sure he was not a Tamarack.”

“Very good that you were there,” said Father.

“Definitely,” said Uncle Joe.

“Listen,” said Father. “Ugly Sally is going to be opening up her gifts soon. Why don’t you come over?”

“I would love to,” said Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe arrived. He laughed when he saw Ugly Sally’s haircut and he laughed even harder when she told him the reason why she had to get a hair

“That is our girl,” said Uncle Joe.

“Yes,” agreed Father. “That is so very true.”

“I have something for you and it will match that new haircut of yours,” said Uncle Joe, handing Ugly Sally a small gift wrapped parcel.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Ugly Sally, as she saw a dozen beautiful diamonds sparkling in the package Uncle Joe had just given to her. “What is this?”

“It is your share of our Pinecrest fortune,” explained Uncle Joe.

“Merry Christmas,” said Ugly Sally, Uncle Joe a big hug.

Uncle Joe sat Ugly Sally down and told her about the man he saw at the restaurant last night.

“I am glad he is not a Tamarack,” said Ugly Sally.

“Oh me too,” said Uncle Joe. “We do not need Tamarack’s in our lives causing problems and trying to steal our fortune.”

Moral of this Story:

    • It is always best to tell the truth.
    • Example: Ugly Sally’s adoptive parents did not want to tell her that she and her Uncle Joe may be in danger.
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