Summer Nap

Angry Cat was having a summer nap on a very hot day. It was nice and cool where he was laying. He was laying on the cool tiles on the kitchen floor. There was also a cool breeze` coming in through the screen door. He was quite comfortable and content. That was until his sister saw him.

“Why are you taking a nap?” asked Angry Cat’s sister, Harriet. “You are such a sissy. It is a beautiful day outside today. You should be outside playing. We cried all winter long for it to be summer and now that it is, you want to stay inside.”

“How come you woke me up?” asked Angry Cat, angrily. “I was having a nice peaceful nap until you came along. I take it you haven’t been outside yet.”

“No,” said Harriet. “I am going outside right now.”

Harriet was out the door so fast that Angry Cat didn’t have time to tell her anything. Angry Cat decided that he would try to go back to sleep. As soon as he fell asleep, Harriet was back in the house. She laid down on the floor beside her brother.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was so hot outside?” asked Harriet. “Now I know why you are in the house.”

“You didn’t give me a chance to tell you anything,” said Angry Cat. “You were out the door before I could say a word.”

“Okay,” said Harriet. “That is true. I forgive you.”

“Good,” said Angry Cat. “Now, let’s go to sleep.”

Harriet and Angry Cat each had a nice long nap. It wasn’t as hot the next day, so they were able to go outside and enjoy their summer day.

Moral of this Story:

    • It is nice to stay inside on a hot day and have a summer nap.
    • Example: Angry Cat was having a summer nap on a hot summer day.

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