Hailey the Hairdresser

“According to this news article, it looks like I am going to have to close down the salon until this coryvirus pandemic in Storyland is over,” said Hailey the Hairdresser.

“We all have to do our part,” said Bernie, Hailey the Hairdresser’s husband. “We have to stop this virus or it is just going to keep spreading.”

“We are lucky because we do have a nest egg saved up,” said Hailey. “There are so many other businesses that are going to be hurting a lot over this. I feel bad for them and just hope they can make it through. It will be good for me to spend more time with you and Vanessa. The salon also needs a deep cleaning, which is something I have been procrastinating.”

“We can do that as a family,” said Bernie. “It will give us something to do.”

“Yes,” said Hailey. “We will have lots of free time on our hands.”

“Time for what?” asked Vanessa, coming into the kitchen to grab an apple.

“The salon has to close until the coryvirus pandemic is over,” said Hailey.

“Oh,” said Vanessa. “I guess we will have lots of free time then.”

“Yes,” said Bernie. “We, as a family, are going to spend a few days cleaning the salon.”

“Sure,” said Vanessa, who was so bored because of the coryvirus and to have to social distance herself from her friends, thought that cleaning was a great idea.

Hailey went over to where Vanessa was standing and ran her fingers through her hair.

“I am sure we are going to also have lots of time to try out some of those hair styles you have wanted to try out,” said Hailey. “After all, you will be my only customer until this pandemic is over.”

“You being home is going to make this coryvirus much more manageable,” smiled Vanessa. “Maybe we can do Daddy’s hair too.”

“We will see,” said Bernie, smiling.

“It does look like you could use a trim,” said Vanessa.

“I think we may be the only family on our block that will have perfect hair after this pandemic is over,” said Bernie, laughing.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be under quarantine with your hairdresser.
  • Example: Hailey the Hairdresser told her daughter, Vanessa that they could try out some hairstyles while the hairdresser shop was closed due to the coryvirus that was plaguing Storyland.

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