A Mad Earth Day

“Mad Dog!” shouted Racum Raccoon, seeing his friend dumping a garbage bag full of trash all over his front lawn. “It is Earth Day. We are supposed to be cleaning up garbage, not dumping it.”

“Well then, there is some garbage for you to pick up,” said Mad Dog Wolf, rifling through the garbage.

“I will help you clean it up,” said Racum Raccoon. “However, I am not going to do it all myself.”

“Very good, Racum,” said Environment Bug, who just so happened to be walking by. “Mad Dog, you can’t make a mess like this and then expect Racum to pick it all up.”

“I am sorry,” said Mad Dog, feeling extremely bad. “I am looking for something very important. I will clean up my mess when I am done.”

“I sure hope so,” said Environment Bug. “This is not what I want to see on Earth Day. I have to organize some people to help me clean up the park today and I will be back this way in an hour. This better be cleaned up.”

Environment Bug left and Racum watched as Mad Dog kept rifling through the trash.

“What are you looking for?” asked Racum. “Maybe I can help you find it.”

“I am looking for my notebook that you bought me,” said Mad Dog. “I can‘t find it anywhere.”

“It is at my house,” said Racum. “Remember we were studying together yesterday and you left it there because we are going to study more tonight.”

“I feel like such a fool,” said Mad Dog. “I dumped all this trash for nothing. I snapped at you, expecting you to clean up my mess and then made this huge mess on Earth Day. I have to get this all cleaned up. Environment Bug is coming back this way soon.”

“I can help,” said Racum.

“I have to do this myself,” said Mad Dog.

Mad Dog cleaned up his mess just in time. He saw Environment Bug coming down the walkway to his den just as he put the last piece of trash in the garbage bag. Environment Bug and Racum were very proud of him. Mad Dog did feel better about himself too. In fact, he felt so good that he volunteered to help Environment Bug clean up the park. Racum helped too.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always clean up your own mess.
  • Example: Mad Dog was mad because he couldn’t find his notebook so, he wanted Racum Raccoon to clean up his mess for him.

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