An Autumn Day in the Forest

It was a chilly autumn day. Larry the Lumberjack had just eaten a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and was on his way to work. Larry the Lumberjack works outdoors. He works in the forest, which is only a couple of hundred meters from his house.

“It is a bit chilly today,” said Larry the Lumberjack, buttoning up his plaid jacket. “Once I get moving around, I am sure I will warm up.”

The trees in the forest were pretty bare. Most of the leaves had been blown off the trees in the last few days with all the heavy winds.

“This makes it much easier for me to look at the health of the trees,” said Larry the Lumberjack. “I will be able to tag the trees I feel are either diseased or are in danger of falling down.”

Larry the Lumberjack also went around and picked up any fallen branches or logs that he knew would be in his way come spring. However, there were some that he just let be.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Larry the Lumberjack, picking up one end of a log that had been laying on the forest floor for months. “I won’t be moving this log any time soon. It is home for some baby rabbits.”

Larry the Lumberjack very quietly and carefully laid the log back down where it was. He didn’t want to disturb the little bunnies that were all curled up, sleeping.

“This is why I love my job,” said Larry the Lumberjack. “I am privileged to get to see the wildlife I do.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to be mindful of nature.
  • Example: Larry the Lumberjack saw some baby bunnies under a log that he was going to take out of the forest. Instead, he put the log back, being careful not to disturb the baby bunnies.

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