Summer Thunder

Poor Mountain Father was working in the barn on a very hot summer day. All of a sudden he felt a cool breeze.

“That breeze felt so good,” said Poor Mountain Father, who was dripping in sweat. “This summer has been the hottest summer in a long time.”

Poor Mountain Father stopped what he was doing and enjoyed the breeze while he could. It started to get dark in the barn. Poor Mountain Father took a look out the barn door and he was shocked to see a big black cloud in the sky.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father. “I don’t like the looks of that cloud. I think we are in for a terrible storm.”

Poor Mountain Father ran up to the house as quickly as he could. He got to the back porch and then it started to rain. Pretty soon, it was pouring rain. Then the thunder and lightning started.

Poor Mountain Father made sure his family was safe. He had to go back to the barn and clean up the mess from what he was working on earlier.

“Poor Mountain Father,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “Do you have to go back to the barn? It looks pretty scary out there.”

“I’m not afraid,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I just have to clean up my tools. I will be right back.”

Poor Mountain Father stopped outside and started walking toward the barn. He heard the loudest roar of thunder that he had ever heard. He ran back into the house as fast as he could.

“Did you hear that thunder?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I definitely heard it alright. That is why I came back in. I decided my tools can wait until the storm is over.”

The Poor Mountain family heard another roar of thunder, even louder than the last.

“Is that summer thunder?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“It sure is,” said Poor Mountain Father.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is best to wait until bad weather is over before doing things outdoors.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Father was going to go outside and clean up his tools during a thunderstorm but he thought better of it when he heard the loudest roar or thunder ever.

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