Corn Puffs

“The practise time with Loud Garden seems to be helping you guys a lot,” said Farmer Fred, who had been listening to Loud Garden for the last half hour. “Loud Garden sounds amazing.”

“Thank you,” said Christopher Corn. “We love your input. It is truly appreciated.”

“I would love to take you guys out for dinner to celebrate your accomplishments,” said Farmer Fred. “What do you guys all think of that idea?”

“I know I would love that,” said Christopher. “We have really been working hard. I think a change of scenery would do all of us a lot of good.”

“Okay,” said Farmer Fred. “I am going to go up to the house, change my clothes and bring the truck down.”

“Sounds good,” said Christopher. “We will be here waiting.”

“A dinner out sounds like fun,” said Mrs. Tomato.

“It does,” said Olive Onion.

“I wonder where he is going to take us,” said Oliver Onion.

“Maybe a steak house,” said Calvin Carrot.

“That would be too expensive,” said Cameron Cauliflower.

“Wherever Farmer Fred takes us,” said Christopher. “We must all be on our best behaviour.”

“We will be,” said Mrs. Tomato.

Farmer Fred took the Fresh Veggie Family to a pizzeria for dinner. They had a meat-lovers pizza with just meat and cheese. There was no tomato sauce or any vegetables on it.

“Thank you Farmer Fred,” said Christopher. “That pizza was so good. I am so full. I feel bloated.”

“You are just like a corn puff,” said Farmer Fred, laughing.

“What is a corn puff?” asked Christopher.

“Corn puff is a type of cereal made from corn,” said Farmer Fred. “The corn is very light and puffy.”

“That is exactly what my stomach feels like right now,” laughed Christopher.


Moral of this Story:

  • Eating too much can cause you to be bloated.
  • Example: Christopher Corn felt bloated after eating too much pizza.

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