Scrunchie and the Haunted House

“Scrunchie dear,” said Aunt Mabel. “I am going next door.”

Scrunchie became immediately concerned about his 87 year old aunt going next door.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” asked Scrunchie. “It is Halloween and I have heard that house is haunted.”

“I’ll be back shortly,” said Aunt Mabel, grabbing her jacket and her cane and ignoring Scrunchie. Scrunchie went to his room. About an hour later, Scrunchie’s Dad came home from work. He went into the kitchen and was surprised that Aunt Mabel wasn’t there.

“Where is Aunt Mabel?” asked Dad, standing in Scrunchie’s doorway.

“She isn’t home yet?” asked Scrunchie, now very concerned.

“No,” said Dad. “She isn’t. Where did she go?”

“She went next door,” said Scrunchie.

“Will you go next door and get her?” asked Dad. “I am beat. I had a long day at the office.”

Scrunchie reluctantly went next door. The house looked eerie. There were not lights on at all. Scrunchie walked up the walkway. Whenever he took a step, the boards squeaked. Scrunchie had goosebumps up his spine. Because he walked all scrunched over, with his head to the ground and his bottom stuck up in the air, he felt the hair on his head hit the walkway.

Scrunchie was scared as he rang the doorbell. Nobody answered. Scrunchie tried it again. This time he heard a blood curdling scream and then the front door opened.

Scrunchie’s heart was in his throat. He was going to turnaround and run but then he saw his aunt at standing in the doorway.

“Was that scary enough?” asked Mr. Smith, the neighbour, who was standing behind Aunt Mabel.

“Oh yes!” admitted Scrunchie. “That was definitely scary enough.”

“Good,” said Mr. Smith. “I think I am ready for Halloween.”

“Yes,” said Aunt Mabel. “Let’s go home Scrunchie.”

“Yes please,” said Scrunchie.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not good to play tricks on people.
  • Example: Aunt Mabel went to the house next door. Scrunchie thought the house was haunted but instead he found out that Aunt Mabel was playing a trick on him.
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