A Good Day for Fishing

Fishing Kid was sitting in his fishing boat looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. His crew were all busy around him, doing their chores but they were very slow about it. It was a very hot summer day.

“What is going on?” Fishing Kid asked Harry, his crew foreman. “What is taking the crew so long to clean up today?”

“The crew are upset,” said Harry. “They are upset because they haven’t been paid yet.”

“I see,” said Fishing Kid. “Unfortunately, we haven’t caught a single fish yet and until we do, the men won’t be getting paid. Now, lucky for the men, today is a good day to fish.”

“So would it be safe to say that the men will get paid by the end of today?” asked Harry.

“Only if they can hurry up and get this boat out into the water,” said Fishing Kid.

Fishing Kid was amazed at how fast the men moved around after they found out they were going to be getting paid. He was also right about the fish. The men caught their bounty of fish within a few hours and were able to call it a day fairly early.

“Wow!” exclaimed Harry at the end of the day, while Fishing Kid was signing pay cheques. “That was an awesome day fishing. How did you know that it was going to be a good day for fishing?”

“Just instinct,” said Fishing Kid.

“What would have happened if it hadn’t have been a good day for fishing and the men were still expecting to be paid today?” asked Harry.

“That is something I didn’t want to have to deal with,” said Fishing Kid.

“You are so lucky,” said Harry. “I am sure there would have been a mutiny on our hands.”

“Good thing the men caught all those fish then,” laughed Fishing Kid.


Moral of this Story:

  • Working hard will reap rewards.
  • Example: Fishing Kid gave his crew their pay after they caught a lot of fish.

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