“I am going outside to play,” said Fawn.

“Hold on,” said Spot, who was in the kitchen of the barn, washing the morning dishes. “I was hoping that you would help me clear out those old bags and boxes out of the storage shed today.”

“Today!” exclaimed Fawn. “I really just want to go outside and play. It is so nice outside.”

“I know,” said Spot. “It shouldn’t take you all that long to do your chores.”

“Chores!” exclaimed Mr. Hansen, who had just come into the barn. “I also have some chores that I need Fawn’s help with.”

“I will never get outside to play,” said Fawn, pouting.

“It will only take you a few minutes,” said Mr. Hansen. “I wanted your help moving the big tractor tires out of the back area.”

“Tell you what,” said Spot. “You go help Mr. Hansen with the tires and I will move the bags and boxes out of the storage shed.”

“No,” said Mr. Hansen. “Spot and I will help you with the bags and boxes.”

“Oh okay,” said Fawn, cheerfully. “How come I am so lucky?”

“Well,” said Spot. “It is because you have one of the types of personalities that make me feel sorry for you.”

“And that is the only reason you are so lucky,” laughed Mr. Hansen.

“Come on,” said Spot, leading the way to the storage shed. “Let’s get these bags and boxes moved out of here.”

Spot was shocked to see that the bags and boxes were already moved.

“Who moved the bags and boxes out of here?” she asked.

“Oh wait,” said Mr. Hansen. “Mrs. Hansen and I did that last weekend.”

“Oh gee,” said Spot. “I didn’t realize that.”

“Fawn, looks like you are luckier than you think,” said Mr. Hansen. “Come on, we just have to move those tires.”

“Are you talking about those tires that were out back of the shed?” asked Fawn.

“Yes,” said Mr. Hansen. “They belong to Mr. Harper, our neighbour.”

“He came and got them a week ago,” said Fawn.

“Okay,” said Mr. Hansen, laughing. “You can now go outside and play. I have nothing more that needs to be done.”

“Me either,” said Spot.


Moral of this Story:

  • When the chores are all done it is time to play.
  • Example: Fawn’s chores were all finished so he was allowed to go play.
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