Broken Heart

Silly Snake was walking home from school one day when he saw a little girl snake walking in front of him. He had never seen this girl snake before and was curious to find out if she was new to the area.

“Hi,” said Silly Snake, catching up to the girl. “My name is Silly Snake. What is your name?”

“My name is Anna Snake,” said the girl. “Would you mind carrying some of my books for me?”

Anna and Silly Snake walked side by side to the front doors of the school.

“Where do I register?” asked Anna.

“Here,” said Silly Snake. “Follow me. I will help you.”

Silly Snake took Anna to the office and showed her where she would need to register for school.

“I will walk you home if you like?” asked Silly Snake, as he left Anna in the school office.

“Sure,” said Anna.

“I will meet you in front of the school at the end of the day then,” said Silly Snake.

“Okay,” said Anna.

While Anna got registered for class, Silly Snake went to his class. He could hardly wait until the end of the day so he could walk Anna home from school.

Anna was nowhere to be seen after school. Silly Snake waited for over 20 minutes for her but she never showed.

“Have you seen the new girl, Anna?” asked Silly Snake to one of his classmates, Fred.

“Yes,” said Fred. “She left with a group of kids awhile ago.”

Silly Snake walked home all by himself and he really was rather sad. He really felt attracted to Anna, but he now realized that she didn’t have the same feelings for him.

“Silly Snake,” called Anna, the next morning, on the way to school. “Wait up!”

Silly Snake kept walking but he knew he wouldn’t be able to ignore Anna forever. He stopped and let Anna catch up to him.

“Will you forgive me?” asked Anna. “I’m really sorry about yesterday after school. I should have waited for you but some of the other kids said they would walk me home.”

“I forgive you,” said Silly Snake.

Anna and Silly Snake walked to school together and again Silly Snake took Anna’s books and carried them for her.

“Will you walk me home after school today?” asked Anna.

“Sure,” said Silly Snake. “I will walk you home.”

Silly Snake again waited outside the school for Anna and she wasn’t there. He was just about to leave and walk home alone when he did see her come around the corner.

“Oh Silly Snake,” said Anna. “I am so glad you waited for me.”

“What was taking you so long?” asked Silly Snake.

“Oh I had to get some notes from Mr. Brown for the English test we are having tomorrow,” said Anna.

“I could help you study for that test,” said Silly Snake. “I have that same test tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Anna.

Anna and Silly Snake became inseparable. They walked to school and home from school and did a lot of studying together too. All that changed one day when Anna didn’t show up for school at all for a whole week. By the end of the week, Silly Snake was very worried about her and he went around to her house to see what was going on. However, there was nobody at her house and the house was vacant.

A few days later, Silly Snake did receive a letter in the mail from Anna. It simply stated that she had to move because her Father got a better position in the bank he worked for in the big city.

Silly Snake never bothered to write Anna back. He was so hurt that she didn’t tell him before she moved. He became very withdrawn and started doing poorly in school.

“Is it Anna?” asked Silly Snake’s mother, one evening after dinner.

“Pardon?” asked Silly Snake.

“The reason for your grades going down,” said Silly Snake’s mother. “And the reason for your becoming withdrawn.”

“Yes,” said Silly Snake. “Why couldn’t she have told me herself that they were moving?”

“The reason I couldn’t tell you,” said a familiar voice. “Was because I didn’t know until that one night I had gotten home from school and my Father already had half the house packed up.”

“Anna!” cried Silly Snake.

Anna and Silly Snake hugged each other tightly. There were tears rolling down Silly Snake’s face. He was so happy to see her.

“I came here to try to find out why you didn’t write back to me,” said Anna.

From that day on, Silly Snake and Anna wrote each other every chance they could and they did get to see each other occasionally too.

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