True Love

“Arrow,” said Ice, one morning when he was waking up. “What are you doing?”

“I am sleeping,” said Arrow. “What are you doing?”

“It is time to get up,” said Ice.

“Shhhh,” said Arrow. “Mommy is still sleeping. She had a rough night last night with her back.”

“Well,” said Ice. “It is amazing that she gets any sleep at all the way you sleep on her head.”

“Mommy loves it when I sleep on her head,” said Arrow. “I am her true love after all.”

“I bet she would get a better sleep if you didn’t,” said Ice. “After all, you aren’t a little kitten any longer. You have gotten so big in the last little while. It is probably really hard on Mommy for you to sleep on her head the way you do.”

Arrow thought about what Ice said to him.

“Maybe that dumb dog has a point,” said Arrow to himself. “Maybe Mommy would get a better night sleep if I didn’t sleep on her head.”

That night Mommy went to bed and she found it kind of odd that Arrow didn’t follow her into the bedroom. Mommy tried to sleep but she tossed and turned and she kept waking up and feeling the top of her pillow only to find out that Arrow still hadn’t come to bed.

“Gee,” said Mommy to herself, sitting up in bed. “It is really funny that Arrow didn’t come to bed with me and I really miss him.”

Mommy got up and went out into the living room. She found Arrow curled up on the couch. He was sound asleep. She carefully picked him and carried him into the bedroom with her.

Ice saw what Mommy had just done with Arrow and just shook his head. Arrow and Mommy had a very good sleep after that and Ice never again mentioned to Arrow that he shouldn’t sleep on Mommy’s head because Ice knew that Mommy loved it as much as Arrow did. Now, if Ice could just turn himself into the size of Arrow, he too could sleep on Mommy’s head.

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