A Depressing Valentine’s Day

Billy Troll was strumming his guitar in his studio, one afternoon, about a week before Valentine’s Day. He stopped strumming when he saw his wife, Dianne, walk past the studio doorway.

“I have to do something special for Dianne this Valentine’s Day,” said Billy to himself. “She has been so depressed lately and I am not even sure why.”

Billy decided he would finish up a special song that he was writing called “Beautiful Butterfly” and sing that to his wife at his Valentine’s Day concert.

“Flutter, flutter, flutter to me, my beautiful butterfly. You make, make, make my whole life complete, my beautiful butterfly,” sang Billy.

Valentine’s Day rolled around and it seemed to Billy that Dianne was even more depressed than ever.

“I spilled some milk on the floor,” she cried.

“Dianne,” said Billy, grabbing a cloth from the kitchen counter and wiping up the spilled milk. “It is just spilled milk. It is not a big deal.”

“True,” said Dianne, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Dianne, sweetheart,” said Billy, hugging her tightly, trying to console her. “You can tell me what is bothering you. I am here to help you in anyway I can. You have been crying at little things and getting angry at me over little things for about two weeks now. Please come and sit down and talk to me.”

Dianne cried her heart out at the kitchen table. She was depressed, Billy was right. However, Dianne did not want to have to tell Billy what was bothering her because she knew he was going to be very upset and angry.

“Dianne,” said Billy, now getting really concerned. “Please, you are scaring me now. Please tell me what is bothering you.”

“Well okay,” said Dianne. “Here goes.”

Dianne told Billy about Mick Troll, the lead singer of the band, The Jagged Trolls, who happened to be Billy’s worst enemy. Dianne told Billy how Mick Troll had tried to kiss her and molest her behind the stage at Billy’s last concert.

Billy’s face went pure red as Dianne told her story. He was so angry at Mick Troll. He wanted to hurt Mick Troll for what he did to his wife.

“That is the reason I didn’t tell you until now,” said Dianne. “I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to end up getting into trouble all because of Mick Troll.”

“I see,” said Billy. “I am going to destroy Mick Troll for once and for all. He will never sing another song in Troll Town.”

“Billy,” cried Dianne. “What are you going to do? Please don’t do anything that is going to get you hurt.”

Billy promised he wouldn’t hurt himself and he told her of his plan. Dianne agreed wholeheartedly that this would be the best way to handle Mick.

The Valentine’s Day concert was about to begin. Billy went around to Mick Troll’s dressing room and informed Mick’s band members to leave the two of them alone.

“Hello Mick,” said Billy, entering Mick’s dressing room.

“Uh where is everyone,” said Mick, suddenly scared and realizing that his band members and crew were nowhere to be found.

“Don’t worry,” said Billy. “I made a promise to my wife that I wouldn’t hurt you. However, I also made a promise to her that what you did to her two weeks ago will never happen again. You are going to make a public apology to my wife tonight before you start your first set.”

“Are you crazy!” exclaimed Mick. “That will be the end of my career.”

“If you do not do this,” said Billy. “You will have more than the end of your career to fear.”

Mick saw the look in Billy’s eyes and knew that he was not kidding around. Mick got up on stage and publicly apologized to Dianne for what he did to her. The crowd booed Mick and they all cried for Billy and Dianne to come on stage. Mick picked up his guitar and slowly made his way offstage, never to sing in Troll Town again.

“Flutter, flutter, flutter to me,” said Billy to his wife. “My beautiful butterfly. You make, make, make my whole life complete, my beautiful butterfly.”

Dianne cried as Billy handed her a single red rose as he sang the last verse of the song.

“I love you my beautiful butterfly,” he whispered in her ear as they left the stage.


Moral of this Story:

  • Please talk to someone if you are depressed.
  • Example: Dianne Troll was very depressed after she was molested by her husband’s worst enemy, Mick Troll.
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