Christopher Corn Lost His Voice

It had been a cold and rainy morning. Christopher Corn was in the barn practicing his singing. He noticed over the next few hours that his voice was very hoarse. He had a lot of songs to sing so he ignored his voice issues and kept singing. Pretty soon, he had no voice at all.

“Oh no!” thought Christopher to himself. “What have I done?”

Christopher was so angry at himself. He went into a dark corner of the barn and hid from the rest of the world. The longer he hid, the more depressed he got.

“What if my voice never comes back,” thought Christopher. ‘ ‘I will be finished.”

Christopher was fit to be tied. He was so distraught that he didn’t see Farmer Fred walking toward him.

“Christopher,” said Farmer Fred, seeing the look of despair in his face. “What is wrong? We have been looking all over for you.”

Christopher pointed to his throat and tried to speak. Nothing came out. Tears streamed down his face.

Farmer Fred told the other members of the Fresh Veggie family that he found Christopher. He wanted them to sit with him.

“I will be right back,” said Farmer Fred.

Farmer Fred quickly went up to his house. He made a cup of hot honey and tea and gave it to Christopher to drink.

“Drink it slow,” said Farmer Fred, when he saw that Christopher almost burnt his lip. Christopher drank it and he slowly felt his voice come back. He was so relieved.

“I would suggest resting your voice for a day or two,” said Farmer Fred. “Also drink lots of honey and tea.”

Christopher nodded his head. He did exactly what Farmer Fred told him. A few days of resting his voice did it wonders.

“I will never let my voice go like that ever again,” said Christopher. “I need to take good care of it. That was very scary and I never want that to happen ever again.”

“Your voice is your tool,” said Farmer Fred. “It is like my tractor. If I don’t take care of it, it will break down.”

“Very true,” said Christopher. “Very true.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We have to take care of our tools.
  • Example: Christopher Corn lost his voice but after a couple days of rest, he got it back.
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