Beatrice Bee and the Apple Trees

Beatrice Bee flew around Storyland. It was a hot summer day. Her wings were getting sticky from the humidity. She saw an apple orchard up ahead. She decided then would take a seat there.

“Get away from my apples,” Beatrice heard someone screaming. “How dare you come into my apple orchard and try to steal my apples?”

Beatrice was in tears. She had had people yell at her before but not like this.

“You are a monster!” screamed Beatrice, through her tears. “Why are you so mean to me? I don’t want to eat your apples. I was just hot and steady from the humidity. I just wanted to rest.”

“You are right,” said the creature who screamed at Beatrice. “I am a monster. I am Apple Monster. I am sorry for making you cry. I am relieved to hear that you won’t eat my apples?”

“My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice. “The only thing that me or any other bee would do is pollenate your apples. We would never eat an apple.”

“That is good to know,” said Apple Monster. “I don’t want anyone eating my apples.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” said Beatrice.

“You can rest here for as long as you want,” said Apple Monster.

“Thank you very much,” said Beatrice. “I just need a few more minutes.”

“Take your time,” said Apple Monster. “It is nice to have someone to talk to. It does get lonely out here.”

“I would imagine it does,” said Beatrice.

Beatrice and Apple Monster became good friends. Beatrice visited him quite often and Apple Monster looked forward to her visits.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t good to jump to conclusions.
  • Example: Apple Monster thought Beatrice Bee was going to eat his apples. Beatrice Bee explained she would only pollenate his apple tree, not eat the apples.

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