Arrow and Cutie’s Summer Adventure

“It has been awhile since we have been on a road trip,” said Arrow, looking out the kitchen window. “It is now summer. I want to go for a road trip with Mommy and Daddy.”

“Me too,” said Cutie, jumping onto the window ledge to sit beside her brother.

“No you don’t,” said Arrow. “You don’t like going for road trips.”

“Oh yes I do,” said Cutie.

“Then,” said Arrow. “Why do you cry when Mommy and Daddy put you in the car?”

“I don’t know,” said Cutie.

“Well,” said Arrow. “It is annoying. You shouldn’t do that. Maybe that is why we haven’t gone on any road trips lately.”

“Do you think so?” asked Cutie, feeling bad. “I am sorry. I hope that isn’t the reason. What do you like most about road trips?”

“I love being with Mommy and Daddy,” said Arrow. “It is fun. I like that we get to go to different places. We never know where we are going or how long we are going away for. I also love our road trip music.”

“Me too,” said Cutie.” What is your favourite song?”

“I am the Highway,” said Arrow.

“That is my favourite song too,” said Cutie.

“Mommy and Daddy play it on every road trip,” said Arrow. “It is the best road trip song ever.”

“Yes it is,” said Cutie.

Arrow and Cutie started singing “I am the Highway” as loud as their little cat voices would allow them.

“What is going on with you two?” asked Mommy, coming into the kitchen. “It almost sounds like you two are singing ‘I am the Highway’. That is our road trip song.”

“That is exactly what our two cats are singing”, said Daddy, laughing. “I think they are trying to tell us something.”

“It has been awhile,” said Mommy.

“Yes it has,” said Daddy, gathering the two cats up in his arms. “I think it is road trip time.”

Mommy, Daddy, Arrow and Cutie got in the car. Daddy turned the radio on and the very first song that came on was their favourite road trip song, “I am the Highway”. They all started singing it at the top of their lungs. They were all very happy that they were going on a road trip and they were all even happier that they got to listen to their favourite road trip song.


Moral of this Story:

  • We should always have some favourite road trip music.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie love the song “I am the Highway”. It is their favourite road trip song.

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