Christopher Corn and His Sanity

“What is going on here?” Christopher Corn asked himself as he stood in the barn. “We have a lot of work to do to get ready for our big Labour Day concert and yet, nobody is here.”

Christopher walked over to the garden where he figured he would find the rest of the Fresh Veggie family. He ran into Mrs. Tomato first.

“Why aren’t you at the barn practising with me?” asked Christopher.

“Did we have a practice setup today?” asked Mrs. Tomato, batting her eyelashes at Christopher.

“You know we did,” said Christopher. “We have practice every single day.”

Miss. Tomato didn’t respond because she knew Christopher was right. She knew the Fresh Veggie family had a lot of work to do. She couldn’t give Christopher an excuse because, quite frankly, she didn’t have an excuse as to why she didn’t show up for practice.

Christopher spoke to the other members and he pretty much got the same response from them. He gathered them together and held a meeting.

“Either we all show up for our practice sessions,” said Christopher through clenched teeth,. “Or, I am going to go solo. Loud Garden is our band and it needs the co-operation of all of us.”

“Please don’t go solo,” begged Calvin Carrot, the drummer, who just walked into the garden. “Loud Garden is an awesome band. We need to keep it going?”

“Then,” said Christopher angrily. “Show the band, our band, the respect it deserves. Show up for practice. Show Loud Garden that you care.”

The Fresh Veggie family knew that Christopher was angry and they knew he was serious. They knew they needed to put their heart and souls into Loud Garden and they knew that for the last few days they hadn’t given Loud Garden the respect it deserved. They knew they needed to change their ways or they would end up losing Loud Garden and Christopher as well.

“I am sorry,” said Olive Onion. “Can we have a practice session this afternoon? I promise I will be there.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said Christopher. “Take the rest of today off but I want I see all of you at the barn, first thing tomorrow morning.”

“That sounds more than reasonable,” said Cameron Cauliflower.

“Good,” said Christopher, suddenly feeling much better as he was starting to regain his sanity.

“Boy,” said Christopher to himself after everyone else left. “I was really beginning to lose my sanity back there. I have to be careful and not get so emotionally attached to Loud Garden.”

Christopher found it very difficult to not get emotionally attached to Loud Garden. Who really could blame him though? Loud Garden was his baby and he was proud of it and devoted to making sure it was run properly.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is easy to lose your sanity when others don’t take your passion seriously.
  • Example: Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.
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