Summer Shade

“I wonder where my best friend, Racum Raccoon is today,” said Sly Fox, as he walked through the forest. “It is such a hot day outside today.”

Sly Fox looked around at all the usual spots that he and Racum normally visit. He looked behind the big rock they would sometimes hide behind. Racum wasn’t there. Sly Fox looked around the pond. Sometimes he and Racum would play at the pond. They liked to go swimming and fishing. It was a place they liked to go, especially when it was hot. However, Sly could not find Racum at all.

“I am really getting worried about Racum now,” said Sly Fox. “I can’t seem to find him at all.”

“Who are you looking for?” asked a voice that Sly Fox recognized.

“Mad Dog,” said Sly Fox. “Have you seen Racum today? I can’t seem to find him anywhere.”

“I just saw him,” said Mad Dog Wolf. “He was having a nap in the summer shade under the huge oak tree.”

“That was the one place I didn’t look,” said Sly Fox. “I should have known that is where he would be. It is a perfect day to be in the summer shade.”

Sly Fox walked over to the oak tree that Mad Dog referred to. Sure enough, there was Racum sound asleep in the summer shade. He looked so peaceful and he looked like he was nice and cool too. Sly Fox decided that he was going to have a nap too.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t forget to look in shady areas for your friends if they go missing on a hot summer day.
  • Example: Sly Fox looked everywhere but under a shady tree for his friend, Racum Raccoon.

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