Summer Shade

“I wonder where my best friend, Racum Raccoon is today,” said Sly Fox, as he walked through the forest. “It is such a hot day outside today.” Sly Fox looked around at all the usual spots that he and Racum normally visit. He looked behind the big rock they would sometimes hide behind. Racum wasn’t […] Read More

Trickster Bunny

Trickster Bunny lived in a deep hole in the ground in Calgary, Alberta. He lived there with his parents and his ten sisters. His best friend was Fred Fox and his sisters always warned him about becoming friends with a fox because they always heard that a fox cannot be trusted. One very warm, summer […] Read More

Arrow Catches a Mouse

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “Come here. It is time for our big road trip.” Arrow, a seven year old black and white cat, loved road trips. He has traveled across Canada twice already. When Mommy mentioned the words “road trip”, Arrow twitched his ears and wagged his tail. He was so happy. Mommy picked Arrow up […] Read More

Friendship Day

“Racum,” said Sly Fox. “Wait up!” Racum Raccoon was walking along the forest at a pretty good speed. He was late for school and he had to hurry. “Sly,” said Racum, not slowing down much at all. “I can’t wait up. I’m late for school.” Racum did turn his head though to take a good […] Read More

Big Yellow

“Hey Racum!” exclaimed Sly Fox. “How are you today?” “Good,” said Racum. “And you?” “Good,” said Sly Fox. “Want to do something today?” “Sure,” said Racum. “But what?” “Well,” said Sly. “Let’s go find Big Yellow.” “No,” said Racum. “I’m not going to go anywhere near Big Yellow.” “You are scared,” said Sly. “You bet […] Read More

Best Friend

“Hey, Racum,” said Sly Fox, walking up through the meadow. “Wait up!” Racum stopped walking along the pathway and waited for Sly to catch up to him. “Where have you been lately?” asked Sly. “I haven’t seen you around.” “I’ve been busy,” said Racum. “Well, I know you’ve been busy hanging around with Mad Dog,” […] Read More

Speedy Turtle

“Speedy,” someone called from behind a big maple tree. “You’re going to be late!” “No way!” exclaimed Speedy Turtle. “I can’t be late. My name is Speedy. I have to live up to my name.” “Well,” said Swifty Fox, coming out from behind the tree. “Whoever named you Speedy, gave you the wrong name.” Swift […] Read More