Big Yellow

“Hey Racum!” exclaimed Sly Fox. “How are you today?”

“Good,” said Racum. “And you?”

“Good,” said Sly Fox. “Want to do something today?”

“Sure,” said Racum. “But what?”

“Well,” said Sly. “Let’s go find Big Yellow.”

“No,” said Racum. “I’m not going to go anywhere near Big Yellow.”

“You are scared,” said Sly.

“You bet I’m scared,” said Racum. “And so should you.”

“I’m not scared,” said Sly. “You think what my dad said to everyone last night is true?”

“Absolutely,” said Racum. “I trust your dad one hundred percent and so does everyone in this town. After all, he is the police chief.”

“Yes,” said Sly. “But how can there be a big yellow bird that goes around stealing things?”

“Well,” said Racum. “Even your dad said it was unbelievable but several animals in the Big Dark Forest have seen it.”

“True,” said Sly. “I’m going to get to the bottom of this mystery.”

Racum watched his friend saunter off into the bush and when he saw Sly enter the thickest section of the bush, he began to worry about him.

“I’ve got to follow him,” said Racum. “I can’t let anything happen to my best friend.”

Racum felt the fur on his neck stand straight up. He was quite frightened to be walking around the bush by himself. Moments later, Racum heard a scream and it came right from the direction that Sly had just gone.

“Sly!” yelled Racum. “Sly, what is going on? Are you okay?”

Just then, a big yellow object came out of the bush and straight toward Racum. As the big yellow object came closer, it brushed his head on a nearby branch.

“Mad Dog!” exclaimed Racum, as he recognized the face in the yellow costume. “What are you doing in that yellow suit?”

Mad Dog was surprised to see Racum and he turned and ran away.

“Gee,” said Sly. “Did you see big yellow?”

“Oh yes,” said Racum. “I saw it alright.”

Racum didn’t want Sly to know that it was Mad Dog in the big yellow costume. Sly would just think even worse of Mad Dog than he already did and he would make sure that Mad Dog was punished. Racum wanted to hear Mad Dog’s side of the story first.

Racum went to Mad Dog’s den and sat on his front porch quietly waiting for his friend. It was almost an hour before Mad Dog appeared.

“Racum,” said Mad Dog. “Let me explain.”

Mad Dog took Racum into his den and there, on his kitchen table was a bird cage. Inside the bird cage was a small yellow bird.

“Don’t tell me this small yellow bird is Big Yellow?” asked Racum. “This is what everyone is so afraid of.”

“Yes,” said Mad Dog. “See, I knew people would not believe a little yellow bird could scare them so, I dressed up as a big yellow bird.”

“You protected this little guy,” said Racum. “That is very admirable. What about the reports of things being stolen?”

“I didn’t steal anything from anyone,” said Mad Dog. “However, the little yellow bird did. I have all the things it stole right here in this sack.”

Mad Dog handed Racum a sack with the items the little yellow bird stole.

“Mad Dog,” said Racum. “We do have to let Chief Fox know about this.”

“Yes,” said Mad Dog. “I know.”

Racum called Chief Fox and when Chief Fox saw who the real thief was, he laughed.

“This little yellow bird stole all this,” said Chief Fox, letting the little yellow bird out of it’s cage.

“Yes,” said Mad Dog. “He did.”

“Are you sure you are just not trying to get him into trouble for something that you have done?” asked Chief Fox.

“No,” said Mad Dog. “I am not and besides, he just stole your badge.”

Chief Fox looked down and saw his badge was indeed missing and it was in the little yellow birds beak.

“Oh dear,” said Chief Fox. “This is embarrassing. We can’t let anyone else know about this. I will be the laughing stock of the police force.”

“I won’t say anything,” said Mad Dog.

“Neither will I,” said Racum. “As long as there are no charges against Mad Dog.”

“There aren’t any charges against Mad Dog,” said Chief Fox. “Just don’t be dressing up as Big Yellow anymore.”

Mad Dog wrapped up his big yellow bird costume and gave it to Chief Fox.

“I don’t want this costume anymore,” said Mad Dog.

“Good decision,” said Chief Fox, putting the little yellow bird back in it’s cage. “And, please make sure this little yellow bird stays in his cage from now on.”

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