Little Jayden

Little Jayden lives on the eastern edge of a thick wooded forest. She lives there all by herself and that is the way she likes it. Little Jayden doesn’t like to be around other people. See, Little Jayden is sick and tired of being teased by others and she is sick and tired of not having any friends. Where Little Jayden now lives, she has all the friends that she would ever need. She has a whole forest full of furry little friends.

Little Jayden finds that her furry little friends are the most loyal to her. Her furry little friends are always there when she needs them and they have never let her down and Little Jayden would never do anything to hurt her furry little friends. She would always be there for them no matter what.

Little Jayden woke up early one Saturday morning to a horrible sound that almost made her sick to her stomach. Little Jayden heard the sound of a chainsaw.

Little Jayden ran out of her house and hurried toward the spot where the noise was coming from. She stopped just short of a pickup truck that was parked on the edge of her fence that she had just finished putting up. There, Little Jayden saw three men with chainsaws just cutting down whatever trees they could find.

“Stop!” exclaimed Little Jayden, with her hands on her hips. “What on earth do you think you are doing? You just can’t come around here and think you can cut down my forest!”

“This isn’t your forest!” shouted one of the men. “Forests don’t belong to anyone. They belong to everyone that wants to enjoy them!”

“Well,” said Little Jayden. “Cutting the trees down in the forest isn’t anyone’s way of enjoying the forest! Cutting the trees down is destroying the forest!”

“Look little girl,” said the one man, who now seemed to be the leader of the group. “Leave us to our work. You are just getting in our way!”

“I’m not leaving!” exclaimed Little Jayden. “You are not cutting down any more trees here!”

Little Jayden was very stubborn and she did not budge. Every time one of the men went toward a tree with their chainsaws, Little Jayden placed herself right in their path.

“You are going to get yourself killed,” said the leader.

“No,” said Little Jayden. “I’m not letting you kill this forest!”

Soon the three men gave up because they realized that they could not work with Little Jayden in their way. They knew that she was not going to give up and they really didn’t want to fight about it. All they wanted to do was cut down some trees.

“Come on guys,” said the leader. “We’re out of here!”

“And don’t come back anytime soon,” said Little Jayden.

“Don’t worry,” said the leader. “We aren’t planning on it!”

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