Friendship Day

“Racum,” said Sly Fox. “Wait up!”

Racum Raccoon was walking along the forest at a pretty good speed. He was late for school and he had to hurry.

“Sly,” said Racum, not slowing down much at all. “I can’t wait up. I’m late for school.”

Racum did turn his head though to take a good look at his friend and when he saw his friend and the condition he was in, he slowed right down. Sly Fox was walking very slowly with crutches.

“Oh dear,” said Racum, taking the heavy load of books from under Sly’s one hand. “What happened to you?”

“Thank you,” said Sly, relieved to not have that big load of books to carry. “I broke my ankle yesterday when I was walking home from football practice.”

“You did,” said Racum, surprised at Sly because usually Sly is so very careful when playing any kind of sport.

“Yes,” said Sly. “I slipped on some wet grass at the far end of the field.”

“Ouch!” exclaimed Racum. “That must have hurt.”

“Oh yes,” said Sly. “It definitely hurt.”

“Well,” said Racum. “I guess we are really late for school now.”

“It looks that way,” said Sly.

Mrs. Owl took one look at Racum carrying all of Sly’s books for him and Sly in crutches and didn’t say a word to either of the forest friends.

“Wow!” exclaimed Racum to Sly, during their recess that morning. “Mrs. Owl didn’t even say a word about us being late.”

“That is because you are such a good friend to me by carrying all my heavy books for me,” said Sly. “That is why she didn’t say anything.”

“You think so,” said Racum. “I thought it was because you are in crutches.”

“Oh no,” said Sly. “Mrs. Owl already knew I was going to be late because my mom called this morning to tell her.”

“Oh,” said Racum. “Well, I like helping out my friends.”

“Yes,” said Sly. “I know you do and thank you very much, too. It is nice to have a wonderful friend like you.”

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