Old Baseball Jersey

Billy Troll was sitting on his front porch, sipping a glass of ice cold lemonade when he heard a car pull up in his driveway.

“Billy my friend,” said a familiar voice, getting out of the drivers side of the car.

“Mick,” said Billy, not really wanting to talk to him but just being friendly.

“Me and the rest of the Jagged Trolls are going to play baseball this afternoon,” said Mick. “Do you want to throw a team together and play with us?”

“I don’t know,” said Billy. “I don’t really know of anyone else that can play baseball.”

“Baseball,” said Billy’s wife Dianne as she came outside. “I love baseball.”

“Okay,” said Mick. “There’s one player for your team and the Just Girlz said they would bring some of their friends and play baseball.”

“Oh okay,” said Billy.

“Oh you mean we are going to play baseball?” asked Dianne. “This should be fun.”

Dianne went back into the house and came outside a few minutes later wearing an old baseball jersey.

“This is my old team jersey,” said Dianne, when Billy gave her a funny look.

“Oh yes,” said Billy. “I remember now but didn’t your team lose the championship.”

“Just one year,” said Dianne. “We won all the rest of them.”

“I had an old baseball jersey too,” said Billy. “I wonder where it got to?”

“Right here,” said Dianne, giving Billy the jersey she had behind her back.

“You found it,” said Billy, putting the old baseball jersey on.

“It was with mine,” said Dianne.

“Awesome,” said Billy. “Let’s go play baseball.”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “Let’s go!”

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