Forest Fires

Hi everyone! I’m the Safety Kid. I visited with my good friend, Travelin’ Rick, while he went camping at Paul Lake Provincial Park, Kamloops, BC. I wanted to make sure that my friend was camping safely because these days there are a lot of forest fires. The weather is hot and dry and we are at a forest fire danger of extreme, which means it really wouldn’t take much to start a fire.

At night, Travelin’ Rick would build a campfire. He was very careful not to let the flames of his campfire get out-of-hand. He also made sure that the campfire was built in the fire pits that are provided at the park.

Travelin’ Rick was very careful not to leave the fire unattended and once he was ready to call it a night, he put his fire out completely by dousing it with a jug of water. He even stayed up for a about one more hour just to make sure that his campfire was out.

He also saw that a neighboring camp had left their fire unattended. He kept a close watch on their fire as well as his own. When the neighbors came back, he spoke to them about the dangers of leaving their fire unattended. They apologized and promised they would not do that again.

Travelin’ Rick seemed to be camping safely and I was pleased at that. I was also pleased that Travelin’ Rick helped out his nieighbors and also educated them about the danger or leaving a fire unattended. It is very important in these hot and dry summer days to keep an close eye on your campfire and to make sure that the campfires are properly put out.

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