Baby Pea Pod Lost His Shoe

“Baby Pea Pod,” called Mother Pea Pod. “Come here. I have a surprise for you.”

Baby Pea Pod came running because he loved surprises.

“What is the surprise?” asked Baby Pea Pod excitedly.

“Well,” said Mother. “I bought a new pair of shoes for you.”

“You did!” exclaimed Baby Pea Pod, excitedly because he had never owned a pair of shoes before.

“Yes,” said Mother. “Your very first pair of shoes.”

“And I don’t have to share these shoes with anyone,” said Baby Pea Pod, hugging his new pair of shoes close to his chest.

“No,” said Mother. “They are yours. However, you must take very good care of them.”

“Oh,” said Baby Pea Pod. “I will. I promise.”

For days Baby Pea Pod walked around the house, proud as punch. He loved his new pair of shoes so much and they were so comfortable on his feet. However, one night while Baby Pea Pod was sleeping, the farm dog, Rex, who normally stays outside at night was allowed to come inside on this one particular night. Rex went into Baby Pea Pod’s room and saw the new pair of shoes placed neatly on the floor at the foot of Baby Pea Pod’s bed. Rex picked one of the shoes up in his mouth and carried it off with him to the basement.

The next morning Baby Pea Pod woke up and when he saw the missing shoe he was very upset. He searched the house from top to bottom, not thinking to look in the basement because no-one ever went there except for Rex.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Sissy Pea Pod, noticing that Baby Peapod was only wearing one of his shoes. “You are in trouble. You lost your shoe didn’t you.”

Baby Pea Pod stood in the hallway and cried. He was so upset that he had lost his shoe in the first place and now that Sissy Pea Pod knew about it, he was even more upset because he knew she would end up telling his Mother.

“I didn’t lose it,” cried Baby Pea Pod. “I put it by my bed last night when I went to bed, like I always do and this morning, I woke up and it was gone.”

“Hmmmm,” said Sissy Pea Pod. “Something fishy about that.”

Just then Farmer Ted let Rex out of the basement and in Rex’s mouth was Baby Pea Pod’s shoe. The funny thing was, except for a little bit of slime, Rex did not harm Baby Pea Pod’s shoe in the least. Baby Pea Pod gave Rex a big hug and quickly put his other shoe on his feet.

From that day on, and nobody but Baby Pea Pod and Sissy Pea Pod knew why, but Baby Pea Pod set his new pair of shoes on the top of dresser each night. His shoes never went missing again.

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