I went camping at Paul Lake Provincial Park over the weekend. Paul Lake Provincial Park is located north of Kamloops BC just off Highway 5. While camping I found a raspberry batch. The berries were nice and plump and ripe, just right for picking and eating.

I started picking the berries because I wanted to have some nice fresh raspberries to eat. However, as I was picking the berries, I heard a commotion at the far end of the berry patch. I slowly looked up over the bush and was looking straight into the eyes of a bear. I immediately ducked but it was too late the bear had seen me.

I stood up and made some noise as doing so and slowly backed my way down out of the bush. Luckily for me the bear didn’t follow me. I guess he has too busy eating the raspberries. I thought to myself that I would let him have his share of the berries and then I could come back early in the morning for some. There were tons of berries there so I’m sure there would be enough for the bear to have some and then for me to have some too.

I went to sleep in my camper that night, thanking my lucky stars that the bear didn’t follow me. That night I dreamt of sweet raspberries that I was going to eat in the morning.

The next morning I woke, got dressed and headed straight for the raspberry patch. I was shocked to see that a lot of the berries were already eaten up and I was even more shocked to see that the bear was sound asleep right in the middle of the raspberry bush.

I backed up out of there as quick as I could and I never did get any raspberries to eat. I packed up that morning and left to go home. I stopped by my local grocery store and luckily for me they had a sale on raspberries but as I was reaching over to get some, I realized I really didn’t want any after all. I put them back and went home.

When I got home, my neighbour, an elderly woman, was glad to see me and she asked me about my trip. I told her about the bear and the raspberries. She smiled and handed me a freshly baked raspberry pie. I smiled and thanked her. So, I got my fresh raspberries after all and I didn’t even have to get eaten by a bear to get them.

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