Wild Horses

Ever since moving to British Columbia, two years ago, I have felt closer to nature because of the mountains and wildlife that I have seen. However, I never expected I would ever find out that we have wild horses living in this beautiful province.

Wild horses to me, represent the true wild west. There are parts of this province that are still untouched and untamed and to know that we have wild horses here just confirms this.

One day I went for a drive and saw some horses running wild in a field. Now, I don’t think they were the true wild horses but it sure was something to see. They were running free and wild and their manes were flowing with the wind. It was so cool. It was like I was taken out of my present time period and dropped into the past, just for a split second. The past I’ve only read about and heard about, the past that I have never seen.

I learn something new about this province all the time. Take for instance the fact that British Columbia has a desert. It happens to be Canada’s only desert and is also a very well kept secret. Not too many people know that it is here.

I used to think that the province of Alberta had the best of everything because they had the prairies, oil sands and mountains. However, I am learning now that British Columbia definitely has the best of everything. We have the ocean, mountains, prairies, desert and now I find out we even have wild horses, that is just awesome!


Moral of this Story:

  • It is amazing to see wild horses!
  • Example: Wild horses live in British Columbia, Canada and it is amazing to see them.

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