Teddy Bear Day

Fawn was in his room playing when Spot came to his doorway. She was holding a bunch of teddy bears in her arms.

“What are you doing with all these teddy bears?” asked Fawn.

“Well, today is Teddy Bear Day,” said Spot.

“Oh, I see,” said Fawn. “So does that mean you are going to bring all these teddy bears in my room and hope that I am going to play teddy bears with you?”

“No,” said Spot.

“Well,” said Fawn. “What are you going to do with all those teddy bears?”

“Well,” said Spot. “There are a lot of children in the hospital right now that don’t have a teddy bear to play with. I am going to lend these teddies to the hospital for the day.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Fawn, really proud of Spot’s decision and glad that he doesn’t have to play teddies with her. “That is such a good idea.”

Spot left and went to the hospital. She stopped at the reception desk and spoke to the receptionist.

“Oh Spot,” said the receptionist. “What a wonderful idea you have there and by the way, it looks like you aren’t alone.”

The receptionist pointed behind Spot. Spot almost dropped all her teddy bears on the floor when she saw Fawn standing there with all of his teddy bears in his arms.

“Oh Fawn!” exclaimed Spot, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes. “You are so wonderful for helping me out.”

The receptionist personally took Fawn and Spot and all their teddy bears to the children’s ward of the hospital. The children had so much fun with the teddy bears and they seemed to forget all about their pain and troubles for the time being.

The next morning, the receptionist from the hospital showed up at Fawn and Spot’s barn door.

“Hello,” said Spot, opening up the door for her and inviting her in.

“We didn’t formally meet yesterday,” said the receptionist. “My name is Sally.”

“It is nice to see you again Sally,” said Spot. “Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“Unfortunately I can’t stay long,” said Sally. “Is Fawn here by any chance?”

“Yes,” said Spot. “I will go get him.”

Fawn was in the living room of the barn playing video games. He was surprised to see the receptionist at the door.

Sally handed Spot an huge brown envelope. Spot opened it up and inside was a homemade card. It was signed by each of the children in the hospital and beside each signature, each child drew a picture of the teddy bear that they played with.

Fawn and Spot were so touched that they were speechless. They thought that was so nice of the children.

“The children wanted to thank you,” said Sally. “You really cheered them up with those teddy bears.”

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