Wiggly Toes

“Hey Fawn,” said Spot. “Have you been down to the Miller’s Farm lately?”

“No,” said Fawn. “I haven’t.”

“Squiggly had her babies,” said Spot.

“Oh wow!!!” exclaimed Fawn. “I’m gonna have to go see them. I bet they are cute.”

“Oh they are,” said Spot. “The cutest little piglets ever.”

“Well,” said Fawn. “I would love to see them. I think I’ll stop over there today.”

“Good idea,” said Spot.

Fawn took a long walk later on that afternoon and he stopped by the Miller Farm on the way home. Mr. Miller was just coming out of his barn after feeding his stock when he saw Fawn coming up the driveway.

“Oh Fawn,” said Mr. Miller. “I’m sure you are here to see the new family of piglets.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “I am.”

Fawn went into the back of the barn with Mr. Miller. There, in the stall, was Squiggly and lined up along her stomach were ten little wiggly sets of feet.

“Oh look at those wiggly little feet,” said Fawn. “They are really cute.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Miller, picking one of the little piglets up in his arms. “They certainly are cute.”

Mr. Miller set the little piglet close to Fawn’s face so Fawn could get a better look at it. The little piglet kicked his wiggly little feet into Fawn’s nose. Fawn sneezed and the little piglet squealed.

“Well this little guy has a name already,” said Mr. Miller, laughing.

“Wiggly Toes,” said Fawn, laughing now too.

“Yes,” said Mr. Miller. “Wiggly toes.”

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