Arrow Catches a Mouse

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “Come here. It is time for our big road trip.”

Arrow, a seven year old black and white cat, loved road trips. He has traveled across Canada twice already. When Mommy mentioned the words “road trip”, Arrow twitched his ears and wagged his tail. He was so happy.

Mommy picked Arrow up and she put his harness on him. He usually squirms when Mommy does this, but not today. He was so happy that he was going on a road trip.

Mommy placed Arrow in the car, while Daddy finished loading it. Arrow curled up in the back seat and watched Mommy get in the car and put her seat belt on. Mommy reached into the back seat and pet Arrow on his forehead.

“You are such a good boy,” said Mommy. “I think you are going to like living in Calgary.”

Daddy got in the car and he too reached into the back seat and gave Arrow a pet on his forehead. Arrow was so content. He started to purr.

“He is such a good boy,” said Daddy.

“He sure is,” said Mommy. “He sure loves his road trips.”

Daddy drove through the Rocky Mountains and Arrow continued to lay on the back seat of the car. It wasn’t long before they reached Calgary.

“We are almost at our new home,” said Daddy. “I think we will go to the airport first. There is a park there. We can let Arrow get out and stretch his legs.”

“Good idea,” said Mommy.

Daddy pulled into the parking lot of the park and Mommy saw a hawk sitting on a light post.

“We will have to keep a close eye on Arrow,” said Mommy.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “We don’t want that hawk to get him.”

“He will be on his leash,” said Mommy. “So he should be okay.”

“True,” said Daddy.

They hooked Arrow to his leash and Mommy picked him up and carried him to a grassy area. Arrow loved being in the grass. He rolled around in it several times.

Arrow then noticed a big pile of rocks. He wanted to investigate them. He kept pulling on his leash in the direction of the rocks.

“He wants to go rock climbing,” laughed Daddy.

“He sure does,” said Mommy, also laughing.

They took Arrow over to the pile of rocks and for some reason, Arrow stuck his nose into the crack of one of them. Within a minute, Arrow pulled his head out of the hole and he didn’t know why Mommy had screamed.

“Arrow has a mouse in his mouth,” laughed Daddy.

“I know,” said Mommy, shaking Arrow’s head to free the mouse.

Arrow reluctantly dropped the mouse out of his mouth. Mommy picked Arrow up in her arms and she started laughing. She pointed to a fox out in the field.

“Now that is funny,” said Mommy. “There is a fox in the field and a hawk sitting on the light post but who was it that caught the mouse?”

“Arrow,” laughed Daddy.


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