Snake Stew

Silly Snake slithered through the woods on a warm summer day. As he slithered along, he felt like he was being watched. He looked around but he didn’t see anything. He carried on but he still felt someone or something was watching him. “Okay,” Silly Snake shouted.” Whatever or whoever you are, leave me alone.” […] Read More

Arrow Catches a Mouse

“Arrow,” said Mommy. “Come here. It is time for our big road trip.” Arrow, a seven year old black and white cat, loved road trips. He has traveled across Canada twice already. When Mommy mentioned the words “road trip”, Arrow twitched his ears and wagged his tail. He was so happy. Mommy picked Arrow up […] Read More

Fluffy and Misty

“Fluffy,” said Misty, a ten week old brown and white kitten. “Let’s go outside and play.” “Okay,” said Fluffy, Misty’s sister. “That sounds like fun.” Fluffy was the same colour as Misty, only Fluffy had more fur and it was way more fluffier than Misty’s. Fluffy and Misty both went outside. Neither kitten had ever […] Read More