Fluffy and Misty

“Fluffy,” said Misty, a ten week old brown and white kitten. “Let’s go outside and play.”

“Okay,” said Fluffy, Misty’s sister. “That sounds like fun.”
Fluffy was the same colour as Misty, only Fluffy had more fur and it was way more fluffier than Misty’s.

Fluffy and Misty both went outside. Neither kitten had ever been outside before, so this was going to be their first adventure in the world outside their door.

“It’s a lot bigger out here than I ever would have thought,” said Misty.

“Are you scared?” asked Fluffy.

“A little bit,” said Misty.

By now, both kittens were standing on the edge of the front lawn and the driveway. Just then a big dump truck went by. It seemed to rattle and shake the ground under Misty and Fluffy’s furry little paws.

“What was that?” asked Misty, fur standing straight up in the air across her back.

“That was a dump truck,” said Fluffy.

“That dump truck scared me,” said Misty. “It was so big and loud and noisy.”

“It scared me a little too,” said Fluffy.

“Do you think we should go back inside?” asked Misty.

“In a few minutes,” said Fluffy.

Fluffy was scared, but at the same time curious.

”Oh look,” said Misty, noticing a butterfly on the ground close to her nose. “It’s so pretty. What is it?”

“It’s a butterfly,” said Fluffy.

“It sure is pretty,” said Misty.

“Yes it is,” said Fluffy.

The butterfly flew into the air, right past Misty’s nose. Misty rolled in the grass. She was laughing so hard that she could barely stand back up. She didn’t notice that Fluffy and the butterfly were gone, until a few seconds later.

“Fluffy!” shouted Misty as loud as she could. “Fluffy!”

Fluffy came bouncing around the corner of the house so fast that she almost knocked Misty flying.

“Watch out!” exclaimed Misty.

“Come with me,” said Fluffy. “I found a much nicer place for us. It’s a lot safer than here and way more fun.”

“Okay,” said Misty.

Misty followed Fluffy to the backyard.

“It’s nice back here,” said Misty.

“Yes it is,” said Fluffy. “It’s even quiet back here and there aren’t any dump trucks, either.”

“Good,” said Misty.

Fluffy and Misty both romped around the back yard and rolled around in the long green grass. They were having lots of fun. All of a sudden a robin flew by and landed right beside them and noticing that they were cats, quickly flew away.

“What was that?” asked Misty.

“Some kind of bird,” said Fluffy. “Did you see the size of claws it had and the size of it’s beak? That bird must have been a hawk!”

“Gee,” said Misty. “Since when do hawks look like robins!”

“Well I thought it was a hawk,” said Fluffy.

“If that bird was a hawk,” said Misty. “We’d be in trouble.”

“No,” we wouldn’t,” said Fluffy. “We’d be dead.”

“True,” said Misty.

Fluffy and Misty had a lot of fun outside but they both knew the outside world was a very dangerous place for them too!

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