Trickster Bunny

Trickster Bunny lived in a deep hole in the ground in Calgary, Alberta. He lived there with his parents and his ten sisters. His best friend was Fred Fox and his sisters always warned him about becoming friends with a fox because they always heard that a fox cannot be trusted.

One very warm, summer day, Trickster was supposed to pull some carrots out of the ground for his Mother. She was baking a carrot cake.

“Hurry up with those carrots,” said Mother.

Trickster went outside to the garden which was just outside of the den he lived in. He had about half the carrots pulled out that was asked to get. Fred Fox stood at the gate to the garden.

“Can you come play with me?” asked Fred Fox.

“I will,” said Trickster. “But I have to get some more carrots first.”

“I don’t understand how you can eat carrots,” said Fred Fox. “They are too crunchy.”

“Carrots are good for you,” said Trickster. “They might be hard and crunch on the outside but in the middle they are soft and very sweet tasting.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Fred.

“Try one,” said Trickster, handing Fred the biggest and hardest carrot he could find.

Fred bit into the carrot. He expected it to be like Trickster explained, hard on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside.

“OUCH!!!!!” exclaimed Fred when he bit into the carrot and found it was hard all the way through.

“Ha! Ha!” laughed Trickster. “I tricked you.”

“That wasn’t a very nice trick,” said Fred. “I could have broken my tooth.”

“I am sorry,” said Trickster, realizing hat he did play a mean trick on his friend.

“I think I might eat some rabbit stew,” said Fred, reaching over to grab Trickster by his long ears.

For a moment, Trickster was scared of Fred and he thought that maybe his sisters were right and that he shouldn’t trust a fox. However, he then noticed the sly grin on Fred’s face and he knw Fred was just teasing him.

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