Arrow’s Adventure Under the Tub

“Arrow,” said Mommy, surprised that he wasn’t giving her head butts for his breakfast. “Where are you?”

Mommy called and called but Arrow was nowhere to be found. Mommy was getting nervous. This was not like Arrow.

Mommy went into the kitchen and shook Arrow’s bag of treats. Usually he would come running but this time he didn’t. Mommy was starting to get upset. She didn’t know what she would ever do if she ever lost him. Arrow meant the world to her.

“Where would Arrow hide?” asked Mommy to herself. “The problem is, he could be anywhere.”

Mommy started searching the whole house. She started at one end of the house and searched every inch of every room, calling him as she went.

“Arrow,” Mommy called. “Where are you? Come on out wherever you are.”

Mommy had spent the last hour searching for him and nothing. There was no sign of him anywhere. Mommy was frantic now. She had searched every room in the house except for the bathroom.

Mommy thought it would be futile to check the bathroom because she really didn’t think he was there. She decided that she may as well check it though.

Mommy went into the bathroom and she turned on the bathroom light.

“Arrow,” Mommy called. “Are you in here?”

Mommy looked under the sink, behind the toilet, behind the laundry basket and the bathtub. She noticed that there was a hole between the bathtub and the bathroom wall that a cat could fit through. She called him again and this time, she finally heard him. He was whimpering.

“Oh dear Arrow,” said Mommy, when she realized that he was under the tub. “I am so happy I finally found you.”

Mommy was able to reach down the side of the tub that was up against the wall and she pulled him out. She gave him the biggest hug and kiss. Arrow purred in her arms. Mommy was so relieved that she had finally found him and that he was okay.

Mommy took Arrow out into the kitchen and gave him his breakfast. While he was eating, she called the landlord and asked him if he would fix the hole between the tub and the bathroom wall. She did not want Arrow to get into there again. The landlord agreed that he would fix the hole right away.

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