First Day of Summer

It had been a long, cold winter and a very wet and cool spring. Arrow was so happy the day it started to warm up with the sun shining brightly.

“It feels like the first day of summer,” said Arrow when Mommy took him outside to play.

“It is the first day of summer,” said a chipmunk that was running around the front lawn, playing in the warm sunshine.

“Oh good,” said a bunny rabbit that was sunning himself. “I am so happy that summer is here.”

“Me too,” said a robin that was  on the front lawn, digging for worms. “I love summer.”

“I love summer too,” said Arrow. “I love playing outside.”

“I don’t blame you,” said the chipmunk. “I don’t know how you can stay indoors for so long.”

“You know,” said Arrow. “I like to be outside but Mommy wants me to be safe. There are coyotes across the street.”

“That is true,” said the bunny. “Those coyotes can be quite mean.”

“You are lucky to have someone that cares for you so much,” said the robin.

“Yes,” said Arrow. “It is nice. Mommy does a lot for me. She makes sure that I am always well taken care of.”

Arrow continued to talk to his new furry and feathered friends while he enjoyed playing outside on the first day of summer. Arrow loved the warmth of the sun on his back. When he got too warm, he would walk over to the grassy area in the shade and roll around in it. The cool grass helped him cool down.

It did end up getting much too hot so Mommy took Arrow back into the house. Every warm day, Arrow intended to get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. He also wanted to play with his new friends, the chipmunk, the bunny and the robin.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to spend warm summer days outdoors.
  • Example: Arrow wanted to go outside on warm summer days.
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